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Peninsula Homes township community at Navarro, General Trias has a range of facilities to make sure that the residents are comfortable living here. These facilities include playgrounds as well as security.

In terms of playgrounds, Peninsula Homes has luscious green playgrounds for children to play in.

In terms of amenities, it has hospitals, schools, shopping centers restaurants and clubs. The schools within the community include the Amuyong Elementary School as well as the Buck Estate Mun. High School. The hospitals within the community are Metropolitan Medical Centre,Academy of World Healing Foundation and the AWH. The shopping centers include the Twin Lakes and Aussam Bodega. Restaurants include the likes of Casa De Bugai.

Peninsula Homes community also has a stock trading market by the name Luksuhin Live Stock Market. There is also a club refered to as Farm Prganics and Bagoong Club.

Security is one of the key factors when looking for a place to live. You have to be sure that you can safely access your house at any time without the fear of being robbed. Also, you have to be sure that once you leave your house it will be secure till you get back. In Peninsula Homes Residents are guaranteed of 24 hours security both from within and in the neighborhood.

Peninsula Homes have adequate water supply which is managed by Deepwell. Water is everything! Without water no life; not even the ever green vegetation enjoyed within the community. The Deepwell company is a company in the Philippines which mainly deals with deepwell as well as shallow well drilling, maintenance, rehabilitation, cleaning and deepening of already dug wells, piping as well as motor repair. Deepwell ensures that Peninsula Homes are adequately supplied with clean water round the clock.

Peninsula Homes are also supplied with electricity by  Manila        Electricity Company (MERALCO), which is the largest distributor of electricity in Philippines. The company is the one that solely provides Manila Metropolitan with electricity power as well as having distribution contracts for other twenty-two cities and eighty-nine municipalities. With MERALCO, Peninsula Homes are guaranteed of electricity through out with quick responses in case of any problems.

Peninsula Homes residents enjoy luxury features of the houses which include charming master baths, specious kitchens, quality house equipment as well as spacious living rooms.

The interior design of every home is made by carpenters, electricians and plumbers who are highly skilled. Everything is done in a climate-controlled environment and employing the latest building technologies as well as the highest standards possible. The buildings are made in such a way that the materials used are completely protected from the weather. Another unique thing about Peninsula Homes is that every unit is constructed according to very specific specifications.

The other special feature of the Peninsula Homes is their green landscapes including parks. Trees and bushes are meticulously arranged and are ever green, giving the township community a serene atmosphere with a cool breeze of fresh air. The environment is too welcoming especially when you are from a hectic day at work and you are just dying to reach home and relax.

  • Guardhouse
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Parks and playground
  • Basketball Cour
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